Winthorpe is a New York rock and roll band.  In 2011, drummer Joe Mrnarevic and guitarist/singer Jonathan Kemp released an EP called Jonathan Kemp and the Electric Bretheren with bassist Ian Kagey and keyboardist Rick Fox, recorded at  Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn.  The EP is available for free at However, Fox left before its completion and moved to Israel while Kemp moved to Columbus, Ohio for several months, where he continued to write and record songs for what would become Winthorpe.

Upon Kemp’s return, he and Mrnarevic began playing and soon added bassist Brian DiFeo to form Winthorpe.  DiFeo’s vocals, bass, and songwriting helped this trio to move forward with an identity that draws heavily on rock, roots, blues, and jazz while still integrating the sounds of disco, reggae, and the glories of inspirational improvisation.

Jonathan Kemp plays guitar, and sings.  He has also performed with Irv Irving and The Morning Pages.  Go to for more of his music, plus photography and artwork.

Brian DiFeo plays bass and sings.

Joe Mrnarevic plays the drums.

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